Planmeca Promax Digital X-ray

Undergoing dental x-rays can be an uncomfortable and invasive experience. Traditional x-rays are taken intra-orally, requiring patients to bite down awkwardly onto hard and bulky sensors. Not to mention, it can take several minutes to complete a full mouth series of x-rays. At our office, we believe patients deserve a better experience. That is why we feature fully digital imaging via the Planmeca Promax. With this technology, digital x-rays are taken from outside the body in much less time and using far less radiation than traditional x-rays require.

Planmeca Promax is an innovative new technology that is capable of producing highly detailed images without sacrificing patient comfort or safety. The images produced by our digital x-ray machine enhance our diagnostic capabilities and make it easier to store and share images as needed. Furthermore, Planmeca Promax generates a comprehensive view of each patient’s anatomy, making it easy to map out restorative and cosmetic dental treatment plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for x-rays using the Planmeca Promax Digital technology?

Because Planmeca Promax is safer, faster, and less uncomfortable than traditional x-rays, it is appropriate for patients of all ages. From children to the elderly and everyone in between, the Planmeca Promax can make getting dental x-rays a breeze.

What should I expect when getting a Planmeca Promax Digital X-ray?

Dental x-rays with the Promax are quick and effortless. You will be placed in front of the machine and bite down onto a very small digital sensor a fraction of the size of traditional x-ray sensors. Promax has an open face architecture, meaning you will never feel cramped or claustrophobic getting x-rays at our office.

I thought traditional x-rays were safe. Is a Planmeca Promax Digital X-ray a better alternative?

Though film x-rays are safe, they still emit small quantities of radiation. Planmeca Promax has raised the bar in dental healthcare, emitting far less radiation than outdated film radiology. In fact, the Planmeca Promax produces up to 10 times less radiation than some traditional x-rays!